Student testimonial

"An internship abroad is a great way of getting to know a new country and people”

For her internship Leonie wanted to go to a country where she could go snowboarding. Therefore she ended up in Norway.

One of the professors of biophysics mentioned he had some connections in Norway. That’s how I ended up in Trondheim

The project

“My project was titled: ‘The effect of hydrophilic carotenoids on riboflavin in milk; quenching of the riboflavin triplet state by crocin and related molecules.’ Basically, riboflavin – which is better known as vitamin B2 – is a photosensitive component  that is found in many food products, including milk and beer. The riboflavin triplet state is formed under the influence of light, and it can lead to the formation of a singlet oxygen, which is harmful for other vitamins in milk. To prevent this, the triplet state can be quenched with carotenoids, which I studied using laser flash photolysis techniques.”

About Norway

“I loved my time in Norway! I lived in a student house so there were plenty of parties to go to. A typically Norwegian tradition is to do cabin trips, in which you walk to a cabin in the middle of nowhere and sleep there under primitive circumstances. I also visited the Geiranger-fjord, an absolute must-see, and saw the famous Northern Lights.”