Performance of pilot scale outdoor photobioreactors at AlgaePARC

The objective of AlgaePARC (Algae Production And Research Centre) is to develop knowledge, technology and process strategies for sustainable production of microalgae as feedstock for fuel, chemicals, food and feed at industrial scale. Presently, high production costs of microalgal biomass are the main bottleneck that prevents its use at industrial scale. These costs could be reduced by increasing the areal productivity (productivity per ground area).


Comparing the performance of different pilot scale photobioreactors under outdoor conditions in The Netherlands


In this research a comparison between the different photobioreactors will be made on biomass and lipid productivity, photosynthetic efficiency and robustness of the process. Each of the photobioreactors consumes the same ground surface area. In this way areal productivities can directly be compared. Because of the difference in designs each concept’s specifications differ and consequently e.g. volume of the culture and energy input will differ. These photobioreactors will be operated in parallel during an entire year to make an accurate comparison of the different photobioreactors in performance.

an overview of the four photobioreactor concepts used for this research; raceway pond, horizontal tubular, horizontal stacked tubular and the flat panel photobioreactor (left to right)

Thesis projects

Within this project there are various possibilities for doing a BSc or MSc thesis. If you are interested in doing a BSc or MSc thesis, feel free to contact me. Researcher: Jeroen de Vree