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A pleasant space for every occasion

The Dialogue Centre offers rooms and auditoriums in various sizes:

  • an auditorium for symposiums and conferences
  • a thesis defence auditorium
  • an intimate Faculty Club
  • a special reception area
  • pleasant 'break-out rooms' or studios

Both of our auditoriums provide access to a foyer: a charming and open venue for receptions and networking opportunities. You can also rent the entire building. Audiovisual equipment is available in our venues.

The Dialogue Centre will open in the spring of 2022. Rooms can already be booked.

Our venues

Main Auditorium

Dialogue Centre - Grote Zaal

This auditorium comfortably seats up to 272 persons. The permanent U-shaped seating arrangement makes this auditorium particularly suited to interactive conferences. The floor also offers other possibilities in terms of set-up, making it an ideal venue for symposiums, courses and workshops. Extensive technical support can be provided from the adjoining control room.  

Are you organising a large-scale meeting? If you are, it's good to know that you can also hire some smaller rooms for ‘break-out’ sessions. This will provide your audience with more opportunities for interaction.

Thesis Defence Auditorium

Dialogue Centre - Promotiezaal

You can receive up to 120 persons in the Thesis Defence Auditorium for speeches, PhD graduations and graduation ceremonies. The auditorium is also an outstanding option for lectures, symposiums and other meetings with a focus on ‘transmission’. Audiovisual equipment is available in this venue as a standard.

Faculty Club

Dialogue Centre - Faculty Club

The Faculty Club is the hospitable heart of the Dialogue Centre. This modern, warmly furnished room offers intimacy and comfort and is perfectly equipped for lunches, dinners or social gatherings. The outstanding culinary facilities offer delicious food at Bib Gourmand level. This venue can be booked for smaller gatherings of up to 63 persons. If you wish, you can also book our Special Reception Area. Audiovisual equipment is available in this venue as a standard.

Is the weather fine? You and your guests are welcome to make use of our lovely adjoining outdoor reception area.

Special reception area

Dialogue Centre - Bijzondere Ontvangstruimte

This charming venue caters to up to 30 persons, in which a diversity of seating arrangements is possible. The venue is highly suitable for official occasions. The Special Reception Area can be linked to the Faculty Club. A screen, a VC system, and a sound system are available here as a standard.

Breakout-rooms or studios

Dialogue Centre - Breakout Rooms

We also offer seven meeting rooms or studios that cater to various groups depending on the desired set-up. Without tables, these venues can accommodate up to 30 persons. Several of our rooms can be linked. These venues are ideal for hybrid events, training sessions and formal or informal meetings. They can also be used as break-out rooms during meetings in the large auditorium. 

You can also book one or more of these venues in combination with a lunch, dinner or social event in the Faculty Club. Or would you prefer our catering team to serve you in these rooms? This is also possible. 

All rooms are provided with a screen and a VC system.

Tailored approach

Dialogue Centre - Maatwerk

Are you organising a type of dialogue that imposes creative requirements on the venue or facilities? Would you like to offer your guests a tour of the campus? Or is your activity spread out over multiple locations on campus? No matter how specific your wishes are, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the various options. We will find the most suitable formula for your event in consultation with you!