Departmental Exchange Coordinators

On this page you can find all information about the departmental exchange coordinators. Determine who is the most suitable contact person and please, only contact this person. If your message should have been sent to one of the other coordinators, this will be taken care of automatically.

Environmental sciences:

Social sciences:

Technology & nutrition:

Life sciences:

Environmental sciences

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Climate Studies (MCL)

Earth and Environment (MEE)

Environmental Sciences (MES)

Forest and Nature Conservation (MFN)

Geo-Information Science (MGI)

International Land and Water Management (MIL)

Tourism, Society and Environment (MTO)

Landscape Architecture and Planning (MLP)

Metropolitan Analysis Design and Engineering (MMD)

Urban Environmental Management (MUE)

Forest and Nature Conservation (BBN)

Soil, Water, Atmosphere (BSW)

International Land and Water Management (BIL)

Landscape Architecture and Planning (BLP)

Environmental Sciences (BES)

Tourism (joint degree) (BTO)

Room B113 Gaia
(building 101) Droevendaalsesteeg 3a P.O. Box 47
6700 AA Wageningen
The Netherlands

Also contact person for Australia & New Zealand

Social sciences

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Communication, Health and Life Sciences (MCH)

Development and Rural Innovation (MDR)

International Development Studies (MID)

Management, Economics and Consumer Studies (MME):

Sustainable Business and Innovation (MME-A)

Supply Chain Analytics (MME-B)

Consumer Studies (MME-C)

Economics of Sustainability (MME-D)

Governance of Sustainability Transformations (MME-E)

Management and Consumer Studies (BBC)

Communication and Life Sciences (BCL)

Economics and Governance (BEB)

Health and Society (BGM)

International Development Studies (BIN)

Room 1035 Leeuwenborch (building 201) Hollandseweg 1
P.O. Box 8130
6700 EW Wageningen
The Netherlands

Also contact person for United States of America, South America & South Africa

Technology & Nutrition

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Biosystems Engineering (MBE)

Biobased Sciences (MBS)

Bioinformatics (MBF)

Biotechnology (MBT)

Food Quality Management (MFQ)

Food Safety (MFS)

Food Technology (MFT)

Data Science for Food and Health (MDS)

Molecular Life Sciences (MML)

Nutrition and Health (MNH)

Biosystems Engineering (BAT)

Biotechnology (BBT)

Food Technology (BFT)

Molecular Life Sciences (BML)

Nutrition and Health (BVG)

Room 062 Forum
(building 102)
Droevendaalsesteeg 2
P.O. Box 414 
6700 AK Wageningen 
The Netherlands

Also contact person for Singapore, China & Japan

Life sciences

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Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management (MAM)

Animal Sciences (MAS)

Biology (MBI)

Organic Agriculture (MOA)

Plant Biotechnology (MPB)

Plant Sciences (MPS)

Biology (BBI)

Animal Sciences (BAS)

Plant Sciences (BPW)

Room 062 Forum
(building 102)
Droevendaalsesteeg 2
P.O. Box 414 
6700 AK Wageningen 
The Netherlands

Also contact person for Canada & Israel