Thesis track: Biobased Chemistry and Technology - MSc Biosystems Engineering

The BCT group enables the transition from a fossil-based to a bio-based economy, by developing efficient and sustainable conversion processes, products and chains.

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Following are some relevant courses associated with this research group:

Advanced bio-refinery

This course concerns approaches how to design biorefineries and to how to develop new conversion, extraction and separation concepts. 

Sustainability Analysis

Sustainability is the ability to produce products that benefit the society without irreversibly consuming resources or harming the future generation. The biobased economy is based on the principle of sustainability. This course aims at systematically analysing sustainability.

Renewable Energy: Sources, Technology & Applications

Energy savings and the use of renewable energy are directions for achieving an environmentally sustainable industrial society. This course will focus on harvesting sustainable energy sources as a key factor in solving environmental problems.

Physical modelling

Use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques are more integrated into the design of technical biosystems. This course starts with traditional physical modelling issues such as balance equations, analogy between heat-mass-momentum, dimension analysis, convection-diffusion with sink/source terms, Navier-Stokes equation and an illustration of numerical schemes.

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