Switch from WU BSc to WU MSc in Wageningen

It is possible to continue your WUR Master studies directly after obtaining your WUR Bachelor programme. You can be enrolled on the 1st of the following month after your bachelor completion (if admissible to the Master programme).

It is important to start the procedure well in advance. Do not wait until you have obtained your Bachelor degree.

The moment of your Bachelor graduation determines how to enrol for the WUR Master programme.

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You should follow the procedures ‘ study after bachelor’ if you graduate within the months September till May and you wish to continue your studies directly after you have graduated for your bachelor title.

  • Fill in the form 'Study after the bachelor'

  • Print the form

  • Sign and date the form and submit to the Student Service Centre (Forum) or send it by email to ssc@wur.nl

    On the ‘Study after the bachelor’ form you need to give an expected month and year of graduation.

    Note: This is an estimation, if you graduate in another month then you had expected, the SSC will change this in your request for enrolment.

    If you graduate within the months September till May and you would like to start your WUR MSc per September, you need to apply via www.studielink.nl.

    Not directly admissible?

    When your bachelor programme does not give unconditional admission to the master programme, you will be directed to the Osiris application portal, in order to gain admission.

    Please note! If you have already graduated in the bachelor, but have not yet completed all the required courses for admission to the master, you must be registered as a Pre-Master student. You can only start the Pre-Master's program as per 1 September or 1 February.

    Master programmes starting in February

    Some master programmes have an official start in February. If you graduated in December or before and you terminated your BSc enrolment yourself in Studielink, you can apply via Studielink for a MSc programme starting in February. If you graduate in January and you would like to continue your MSc in February you need to indicate this on the ‘Study after the bachelor’ form.

    Enrol in the master as per 1 July or 1 August

    Student who graduate in June or July and would like to continue with their master per 1 July or 1 August are advised to contact SSC. They will explain what steps you need to take to arrange your MSc enrolment.