Frequently asked questions

This page will help you find answers to questions about contact with experts, publications, vacancies, and much more. Do you have any questions about our study programmes, information and publicity for those programmes, admissions, or registration? If so, please visit the Student Service Centre (SSC) question and answer page.


How can I obtain an education grant or scholarship?

Information on grants and scholarships are available on this page.

Where can I find more about Master’s open days, Prospective Students' Days, and other information?

Wageningen University & Research organises information events for incoming Master’s students on the programmes, student life, and the university. View: Master’s Information Events

Where can I find more about Bachelor’s open days, Prospective Students' Days, and other information?

Deciding on a study programme? Wageningen University & Research would be glad to help you choose the right programme for you. Stop by for one of our open days, Prospective Students' Days, or to ask questions to current students: you can do it all. View: Information and choice of study

Working with us

How do I sign up for a PhD programme?

Whether you want to register, prepare for, or are already participating in a PhD programme, all the information that you need is available here.

Where can I apply?

At Wageningen University & Research, we spend each day working to improve the quality of life. This is our mission and we have been doing it successfully for years. For this reason, we are always in search of talented colleagues that want to make a contribution to this with their expertise. An overview of our vacancies, employment conditions, and reasons to come work at Wageningen University & Research can be found at Working with us.

Can I complete my work placement at WUR?

Various chair groups and research institutes at Wageningen University & Research offer work placement. A current overview is available on the work placement page.
Businesses, government institutions, and non-profit organisations can submit work placement opportunities for WUR students as well. If interested, please contact Student Career Services.
Do you not have a work placement position available, but still want to work with our students? Please contact Education Project Services.


How do I contact a researcher for my interview?

Would you like to learn more about research at WUR or are you looking for an expert? Here is an overview of our press information officers and an expert lookup function is also available.

How do I find a researcher for a lecture or panel, or to participate in an event?

Our press information officers can assist you in finding suitable speakers for various events. They are familiar with the researchers and can recommend the right candidate for a specific occasion. Overview of our press information officers.

I have a question for a researcher in response to a news report.

All of the news items that we release on our website have associated contacts. As a journalist or business, did you hear something in the media, but couldn’t find a contact person? If so, please contact one of our press information officers.


I would like to contact a researcher: can I have their e-mail address or contact details?

All our employees can be found online at

Are you unable to find the person that you are looking for? If so, please contact our press information officers.

I have asked a question by using a contact form on the website. Who will receive that question?

If you fill in a contact form on our website, your message will be sent directly to the email account of the person concerned. In the case of some (occupied) recipients, your message will be received and processed by a secretariat or helpdesk. We kindly request that you submit your question only once. In case you don’t get a reply, you can always contact the organisational unit via the Contact page.


Do you have a photo of a particular species of animal, plant or habitat that I could use?

Are you looking for a specific image? Please contact one of our press information officers. They will be happy to help.

As described in our disclaimer, copying, reproducing, or making any of the content from the websites available in any way is not permitted without the consent of Wageningen University & Research.


Where can I find more information about a particular species of animal or plant?

Unfortunately, WUR is unable to help you identify the plants and animals that you encounter. However, you may be able to find out using one of the following websites:

I observed something in nature — where can I report it?

If you observe something special in nature, there is a specific website for reporting it, the Natuurkalender (Dutch). If you make a report, it will be recorded in their file.

What is wrong with my plant/ crop?

To learn more, please visit this website diseases and infestations by crop (Dutch).

I have caught the animal (dead or alive) that you described—can I send it to you?

Observations can be reported to the Natuurkalender. Sending animals is rarely necessary.

Oak processionary moth

For recent news on the oak processionary moth, please visit the Oak Processionary Moth Knowledge Centre, a part of WUR. For information on oak processionary moth control, please see the guide for oak processionary moth control (Dutch). This was last updated in 2013. The guide is still very useful, but unfortunately the latest insights have not been added.

You can also read the background information on the oak processionary moth at Nature Today.

Insect infestations in home, garden and nature