Bachelor's International Land and Water Management

Drought, erosion, floods and poor land and water management constitute major threats to food production in large parts of the world. The BSc programme International Land and Water Management addresses these problems. Students combine knowledge of engineering, environmental and social sciences, study the roles of various stakeholders involved and design land and water management improvement plans. The consequences of interventions such as dams, terracing or irrigation systems on relevant stakeholders are examined in regions spanning the entire globe: from Thailand to Ethiopia and from Peru to the Netherlands.

Bachelor International Land and Water Management

Programme structure: International Land and Water Management

The Structure overview shows which subjects can be taken in each year of the programme. Read more about the Background to the programme.

Unique aspects of this programme:

+ Technical and social:
Students learn about the engineering, socio-economic, natural scientific and administrative aspects of land and water management, making our graduates well-rounded and versatile professionals.

+ International:
Look at regions all over the world that struggle with land and water management problems – tropical areas suffering from floods and erosion, or southern Europe and sub-tropical regions in need of irrigation and drinking water facilities. The Netherlands, too, has its current share of issues related to flooding, water shortages and land and soil restoration.

Follow-on master’s programmes

The bachelor's programme gives admission to a number of master’s programmes. In addition to the main programmes (to which graduates have direct admission), there are also a number of other master’s programmes available. Read more about follow-on master’s programmes.

Careers and future prospects

Read about the career paths open to those who go on to complete a master’s after their bachelor's, along with graduate testimonials.

Admission and enrolment

The programme is open to pre-university (VWO) school-leavers who have taken physics and mathematics A or B. Visit the Admission & Enrolment page to check the prerequisites.

Meet us and events

Do you want to know more about the programme? Visit the Bachelor's Open Day, discover the online campus, order a brochure, be a student for a day (for Dutch students) or book a virtual meeting with a representative. You can also ask your questions to the study adviser or the study information desk on this page.

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