Student challenge

Student Challenges

Wageningen is adding student challenges to its education ecosystem as they offer learning and personal development opportunities outside of the regular curriculum.

Student challenges provide a great opportunity for students to work on something that matters, and to contribute to a sustainable future. They work on real-life cases and will have to put theory into practice. They need to be solution-oriented, creative and flexible. With their team, they will have to ensure that all conditions are in place to win a Challenge, including expertise, funding and facilities. Needless to say that competing in a Challenge is also an excellent way for students to build their cv and show future employers that they have what it takes to become a game-changer. In addition, challenges boost innovation, help to grow the Wageningen network and generate publicity.

Pillars of the Student Challenge

The Wageningen Student Challenge programme will have 2 pillars.

An annual challenge for students organized by Wageningen University & Research.

A support infrastructure for teams participating in challenges for students.