Creative workshops and pitch-time @ Food System in 10 Years Challenge

Published on
October 21, 2020

On 15 and 16 October the seven teams competing in the Food Systems in 10 Years Challenge got creative! The students followed online workshops on Copywriting and Creative Visualization and pitched their concepts to a panel of a WUR expert, Stinger Dome representative and teacher and student of Reducations, Creative Academy.

Workshops Copywriting and Creative Visualization

Reducations is a creative academy in storytelling, film, editing and animation. The participating teams are challenged to transform their academic concepts into a creative video that will be exhibited in the Stinger Dome in Ede on 7 December. The Stinger Dome is a huge round building with interesting video screen possibilities and great acoustics.

Each team will be supported by a students of Reducations and their teachers Harm van de Kuil and Hans Willem Gijzel. As a kick-start to this creative cooperation, both teachers enlightened the students into the world of copywriting and creative visualizaton.

Tour through Stinger Dome and pitch-time!

Pitch challenge
Pitch challenge

To get an idea of the exhibition space in the Stinger Dome, the teams got a tour and explanation of the history of the building as the only training center in the Netherlands for anti-aircraft artillery. Afterwards all teams delivered splendid pitches and got useful feedback by the panel.

Exhibition and Award Ceremony 7 December at Stinger Dome

In cooperation with creative students of Reducations the teams will come up with a short video or animation about the concept they developed on future Food Systems. If the COVID-19 situation permits there will be an exhibition on 7 December in the Stinger Dome, followed by the Award Ceremony. But no matter what, there will be results that we will share on screen with the world!