The mission of WIAS is improving our understanding of animals and their various roles for mankind through fundamental and strategic research and training of early stage researchers (PhD and post-doc).

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Graduate programme 2017-2018

On 13 April six candidates competed for a PhD position funded by the WIAS graduate programme. The quality of the proposals was very high and the candidates all had an intensive discussion with the jury members. We are very glad to announce that WIAS has awarded two positions this year: to Julia Celis Moreno and Alexander Gussak. Julia will work on immune therapy for insect bite hypersensitivity in the Cell Biology and Immunology group. Alexander will work on the establishment of a CRISPR-interference system in the Host-Microbe interactomics group. Congratulations!

New Research Committee member

WIAS has appointed a new member for its Research Committee. The Research Committee advises the scientific director of WIAS about various research topics and consists of associate and personal professors. Current member Bas Rodenburg became a chair holder of Animal Welfare at Utrecht University and therefore left the Research committee. We are happy to announce that Johan Schrama will be a member of the research committee from 1 May 2018. We wish Johan lots of luck with his work for the Research Committee and look forward to a fruitful collaboration.

WIAS Lunch Lectures

The upcoming WIAS lunch lecture will be on Tuesday 29 May at 12.15 in room W0.2+W0.3 of the RADIX building. The WIAS lunch lectures take place every last Tuesday of the month.