The mission of WIAS is improving our understanding of animals and their various roles for mankind through fundamental and strategic research and training of early stage researchers (PhD and post-doc).

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WIAS science day

We look back at a very nice WIAS science day and would like to thank the organizing committee and all those who contributed to the day!

Winner Publication prize

During the WIAS science day the publication prize was awarded for an innovative publication written by a PhD candidate and published in 2018. We received three nominations and they were all of high quality. The WIAS International Advisory Board judged the nominations and awarded the prize to Martijn Derks for the publication “Balancing selection on a recessive lethal deletion with pleiotropic effects on two neighboring genes in the porcine genome”. We congratulate Martijn with his prize and look forward to the lunch lecture that he will give about this publication tomorrow, 2 April 2019.

Winner Education prize

The education prize was also awarded during the WIAS science day. The education prize is not awarded automatically every year but is awarded when an extraordinary educational achievement was delivered. Several courses with excellent evaluations qualify for the education prize. This year the WIAS Education Committee decided to award the prize to the “Interactive post graduate course on characterization management and exploitation of genomic diversity in animals” which took place from 15 to 19 October 2018. We congratulate the organizing team with their prize and look forward to future editions of the course.

Call for WIAS fellowships 2019

WIAS invites PhD candidates who wish to travel abroad, postdocs who want to write a grant proposal and staff members who wish to invite guest researchers to submit a proposal for a WIAS fellowship. More information and application information can be found on the WIAS website.

WIAS Lunch Lectures

The upcoming WIAS lunch lecture will be on Tuesday 2 April 2019 at 12.15 in room A0107 of the Zodiac building. The WIAS lunch lectures take place every first Tuesday of the month.