WIAS courses and seminars

Until the end of March 2021, WIAS courses and WGS professional competence/general courses are offered online, in-person or blended (for WGS courses see: https://wgs.crs.wur.nl/).

Changes may be made to meet the corona guidelines of the government at that time. Please check the training schedules for the most recent updates.

When participating in a training on location, you are expected to strictly follow the coronavirus measures of that the location. For the Dutch measures against coronavirus, click here. For more information about Covid-19 please visit:
https://www.wur.nl/en/article/Corona-guidelines-and-updates.htm or https://intranet.wur.nl/Project/PhDandcorona/Pages/jhNwcCdb3k6jZKszLPeWSw</L>

WIAS PhDs also can enrol disciplinary and statistics courses at other WUR graduate schools with subsidy from WIAS.

Some courses will still be held online to accommodate PhDs who cannot be in Wageningen.

If you have concerns about your TSP, please contact marianne.bruining@wur.nl.

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WIAS has started collaboration with two organisations that organise PhD courses:

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