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Farming Systems and Rural Livelihoods, Uganda, Sunday 16 – Friday 28 September 2018

Basic course: Electron Microscopy from Amsterdam to Wageningen, 12 – 16 November 2018

Other Courses and Seminars

EurAgEng 2018 conference "New engineering concepts for a valued agriculture": 8-12 July 2018

Masterclass “Dairy Protein Biochemistry”: 2-3 July 2018

"Animals 4-D" course, Research school, Paris, May 28-June 1st, 2018

BioBusiness Summerschool

Scientific Artwork with Photoshop and Illustrator

Adobe InDesign Essential Training

Academic English for PhD candidates

Employability outside academia

Workshops in Systematic Reviews in Food and Feed Safety by University of York, England

Career day - Explore your future

WIAS has started collaboration with two organisations that organise PhD courses:

Other Scandinavian PhD networks are:

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