MSc course registration as a WIMEK PhD

The procedure to register for a BSc or MSc course as PhD candidate.

Step 1

Discuss with your supervisors which MSc courses you want to take. Make sure you (have) put them in your TSP (maximum of 2 MSc courses; or 12 ECTS). Also, discuss with your supervisor whether you need to take the whole course, or whether it is possible to do only part of it.

Step 2

If you want to register to a BSc or MSc course as PhD candidate:

  • send a request per e-mail to in which you mention the course code(s);
  • WIMEK will send you a WUR Student Registration form;
  • fill in the missing information in the WUR Student Registration form, print the document and sign at the bottom;
  • send a scan of the document to;
  • Within a couple of days you will receive your proof of enrolment by post in the form of a plasticized cardboard card at the address you filled in on the form. If you did not receive your proof of enrolment within 6 working days, please contact

Step 3

Once your proof of enrolment is processed by SSC you can obtain access to the Learning Management System Brightspace. For entering Brightspace and more information look at: and

For questions about the Learning Management System Brightspace or MyPortal contact or