Open Mind Lab

Delving deeper into a shared interest with a group of students. Jointly devising an activity that appeals to a wider audience. Learning by doing. From the interdisciplinary exchanges, for example, as well as from the organisational tasks.

In the Open Mind Lab, groups of students prepare a Studium Generale activity. As a student, you participate in the entire development process. From the conception and definition of the theme, through the planning discussions with the speakers to the introduction of the lecture. As it may take a couple of weeks to develop an activity, you will need to invest the necessary time over an extended period. You should plan for one or two hours a week on average. Of course, every group is coached by a Studium Generale staff member.


You don't need to have a group to apply. If you are interested, fill in the form here.   We will acknowledge your application, and when we have received sufficient applications, you will be placed in a new group.