PhD-candidates and Postdocs

As a PhD candidate or a Postdoc at Wageningen University & Research, you can attend a whole range of English courses to improve your speaking or writing skills. Our offer is geared towards Life Sciences. Foreign PhD candidates can also improve their skills in Dutch.

Courses are offered in collaboration with Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS)

Wageningen Graduate School courses

Schedule of PhD courses

Other language courses

RATEr (test of Academic English)

RATEr is a (diagnostic) test of Academic English. The test was designed to measure if (prospective) students possess the language skills required to be able to take an English study programme or hold a position in higher education or at a research institute.



The fees vary per course. PhD candidates with an approved Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) will be given a 50% discount. Guest employees working at one of the Wageningen University & Research research institutes will also receive a 50% discount.

The course fee includes registration, the Oxford Online Placement Test and books. The books will be distributed during the first lesson.