Student Housing

Wageningen University & Research has a large community of international students. We understand that it is very hard to look for your own place in a different country. That's why we have gathered information about how to find a room in Wageningen as a way for you to start your search.

Idealis &

Idealis (the main student housing cooperation in Wageningen) will offer their rooms via As a prospective student at Wageningen University & Research you can register and apply for rooms via

Note: it is very important that you pay your tuition fee at Wageningen University on time!

Only after you paid your tuition fee, you can apply for a room with priority based on your home address. So please arrange the payment of the tuiton fee as soon as possible and directly after start your search for a room. Note that it can take some time before a room is offered to you.

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The available rooms of DUWO and Socius are advertised via as well.

It is possible to respond to a furnished or unfurnished room. An unfurnished room does not come with any furniture, so you have to buy a bed, mattress, table or desk, chair(s), and kitchen supplies. Used furniture is offered for sale on the Facebook page ‘Wageningen Student Plaza’, on, or at second hand shops in Wageningen.

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Tips to find a room in Wageningen

You can also try to find a room on the private market. You are advised to look for a room in the surrounding villages of Wageningen, such as Bennekom, Ede, Renkum, Heelsum, Rhenen, and so on. Check the list below for the different housing organisations.

Housing Desk

The largest desk to help you find a room from most private organisations in Wageningen.




Easy Kamer

Housing Wageningen


Wageningen Student Plaza Facebook

Wageningen Room Subrent Facebook

Nano and Computechnion


Note: If you are a parent and you would like to obtain information about your adult (18+) son's or daughter's housing status, please understand that we are not allowed to give this personal information.