Food waste in hospitals and care homes

Reducing food waste is high on the agenda of many hospitals and care homes, where around 40 percent of food purchased ends up in the waste bin. This is not only an unnecessary waste, it is also expensive. Research carried out in three hospitals shows that hospitals could save a total of € 6-10 million per year, which represents an extra €50,000 to €150,000 per hospital (depending on the type and size of care facility).

Analysing the processes

The first step towards achieving a reduction in food waste is to analyse the current situation. How are meals being prepared? How many meals are needed? How big are the portions? Adjustments can only be made once there is a clear picture of the current situation.

Headed by Wageningen UR Food & Biobased research, three hospitals examined food waste in their kitchens. The results were translated into practical recommendations, which would reduce food waste by 25%.

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