dr.ir. JA (Alex) Bolding

dr.ir. JA (Alex) Bolding

University lecturer in Irrigation and Water Governance

Alex was trained as an irrigation engineer and specialises in irrigation design, management and water governance, operating mostly in southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa) and in the past 10 years also in North East and East Africa (Ethiopia, Tanzania). His research scrutinizes the politics of irrigation reforms, shifts in water governance at scheme and river basin level, participatory approaches in irrigation design, and the drivers behind farmer-led irrigation practices.

Alex has also been involved in curriculum development in the field of IWRM and irrigation engineering and water governance, pitched at different education levels (ranging from polytechnic, to bachelor/licenciatura, Masters and Doctoral level) particularly in Lusophone (Mozambique) and African (Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ethiopia) contexts.

For an interesting MOOC on Agricultural Water Management, click on this link: https://www.wur.nl/en/show/Agricultural-Water-Management-Water-Society-and-Technology-Interactions.htm 

Alex Bolding maintains a minimal social media presence (this is a deliberate move).