A (Ambra) Tosto MSc

A (Ambra) Tosto MSc


As part of both the CSA group and Forest Ecology group I will be working within the Project “Cocoa crop improvement, farms and markets: a science-based approach to sustainably improving farmer food security in Ghana and Ivory Coast”. More specifically I will be looking at creating a FSP model to simulate different pruning and shading technique that may improve the yield and sustainability of cacao plantation in Ghana and Ivory Coast.


I am born in Rome, and lived in a near by town called Cerveteri. I did my Bachelor at Camerino University (Central Italy) in Science for Nature and Environment (a mix between biology, ecology and geology).

I then completed my master degree in Environment biology at Utrecht University, with two research projects, one on functional adaptation of Mediterranean species to water shortage, and the other on leaf anatomical response to elevated CO2.

More recently I did two traineeships in practical horticulture at Logan botanical garden and in a National Trust for Scotland Garden, both in the South-West of Scotland.