dr.ir. CR (Cathelijne) Stoof

dr.ir. CR (Cathelijne) Stoof

Assistant Professor


A soil scientist by training with a passion for interdisciplinary work on water and fire sciences, my research focuses on the impacts of human and natural disturbances on soil and water resources. Key questions are: what are the fundamental processes affecting soil hydrologic functioning, and how can we improve understanding of these processes to sustainably manage soil, water and landscapes? 

The themes I work on are broad, and include fire, ash, soil management and classification, bioenergy, biochar, fundamental soil physics, and interaction with plants. My common core in these various themes is soil health and soil hydrology. An important aspect in my work is scale, and how small-scale fundamental mechanisms translate into larger-scale impacts relevant for land and water managers. I enjoy connecting scientific disciplines and researchers not typically working together, working with students in my research, and communicating my work to stakeholders.  For more information on my current projects, please visit my personal website.

Science communication

I actively engage the general public as well as public media to communicate my research to the broader public, both through invited talks for laymen and through the spoken and written press.

My work has been featured in national and international media in 7 different countries on 3 continents, and has led to (participation in) 5 tv-programs, 11 radio shows, 17 articles in popular-scientific magazines and > 130 articles in newspapers and on the web. I additionally give (invited) talks to laymen, and my research is also used for Wageningen University student recruitment purposes. This outreach work has been recognized by two awards: a Storm-van der Chijs Award and a WUR Environmental Sciences Success Award. Click here for a shortlist of science communication activities - please feel free to contact me for (popular-scientific) information on my research, or other soil, water and fire related questions.