FK (Faith) Mutavi MSc

FK (Faith) Mutavi MSc


I hold an MSc in Environmental Science with a specialization in Environmental System Analysis. My work experience is chiefly in the use of integrated assessment tools in planning, implementation, management and monitoring of development projects with an aim to safeguard and enhance the livelihoods of participating communities whereas protecting and conserving ecosystem services within the project area. I have used stakeholder engagement platforms for cost benefit analysis, environmental impact assessments, environmental audits, public participation, ecosystem service valuations and resettlement plans amongst other for the successful implementation of projects in building and construction, irrigation, water and sanitation, and roads sectors in Kenya and Uganda.

My interest in the use technology to engage stakeholders in solving wicked environmental problems and communication of scientific information, motivated my dabbling into citizen science. Experience with the Nature Today, an international platform for sharing stories in nature and in the future will incorporate other citizen science projects like the Tick Radar. Drawing my experience from the Tick Radar(monitoring tick activity and Lyme disease cases), I developed a Human Wildlife Conflict module that will be implemented in Kenya through the EVOCA project; Case Four, unravelling the human-wildlife-livestock interface in Laikipai, Kenya in my PhD study. My research interests are in studying human interactions aimed at decision-making process for change management.

PhD thesis
Framing and decision making in ticks ecology and tick borne disease control practices: a case study of Laikipia county, Kenya.   

Project description
The third project of Case Four focuses on understanding the framing and decision making in ticks ecology and tick borne disease control strategies in Laikipia County, Kenya. We work with our Kenyan host, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and partner, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). I will explore the human and social dimensions of the tick problem in livestock wildlife interactions. I focus on identifying relevant stakeholders in tick control and their understanding of tick ecology, tick problems, tick control practices used, and their communication and interaction platforms. This information will be useful for the development of a virtual platform for collection of tick distribution data using mobile phones.