ing. H (Herman) de Putter

ing. H (Herman) de Putter

Trainer Vegetable Crops in Tropical Countries

Improved income and livelyhoods of vegetable farmers in developing tropical countries is what I contribute to. The key to that are activities involving research and training of farmers, extension officers and students.

Research to make sure the offered solutions are applicable by farmers and training to help disseminate practical solutions to the sector.

Research is performed in cooperation with local knowledge partners. Topcis for research are diverse and range from raising transplants, establishing correct fertilzer rates and best crop protection practices to economic studies. Currently I'm involved in research in True Seed Shallot production in Indonesia.

With over 15 years of experience in research and trainings in Africa and South East Asia together with my colleagues training modules have been developed for different levels. Trainings can be offered to farmer groups, students, extension officers and trainer of trainers. The duration of the training programmes can range from a 2 day training to a 14 day training programme. All aspects important for vegetable farming are part of the programme, but in every case training programmes will be adapted and tailor made to specific situations. Main topics of the programme are Crop protection, safe use of pesticides, spray technique, plant nutrition and starting material. 

Currently I'm involved in projects in Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Myanmar and Indonesia. 

GhanaVeg / Hortifresh Ghana

Sevia Tanzania

Dutch Vegetable Support Myanmar

As a trainer I stimulate trainees to understand the background of these topics. As a result trainees will be able to provide advice to farmers based on their own unique farm and business situation rather then providing general recommendations.