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The Cultural Geography (GEO) Group is contributing to different BSc and MSc programs at Wageningen University. In particular, GEO provides compulsory and optional courses to the following Bachelor and Master programs:


Thesis coordinator Cultural Geography Group

Both study advisor and the thesis coordinator are there to assist the student with identifying the number of credits and delineation of topic and theme of research. The normal procedure is that students register with the coordinator first who then will look for an appropriate supervisor with in the chair group. I'm the current thesis coordinator. In case of questions you can contact me.

Internship coordinator Cultural Geography Group

An internship is approved after consultation with your study advisor and internship supervisor of the chair group. The internship (and thesis) co-coordinator's role is to help students to find internships and topics and to get them in touch with supervisors with expertise in the particular field of study. The coordinator also approves the internship. The normal procedure is that students register with the coordinator first. I'm the current internship coordinator.

GEO-31306 Leisure, Tourism and Globalization
This course examines leisure and tourism in the context of globalization processes. These processes will be analyzed on a theoretical, empirical as well as normative level. Central themes are: - transformations in leisure and tourism places; - socio-economic, technological, ecological and cultural determinants of change.

XTO-23806 Tourism Destination Management

This course is organized around three themes relevant for the study of tourism destinations: (1) destinations as cultural constructions, (2) destinations as amalgams for tourism products and experiences and (3) destinations as opbejcts of intervention. The course will analyse destinations through these themes and from a historical, economic and social science perspective and will include discussion and debate regarding competitiveness, labour, discourses and power.



LAR-14303 Landscape Perspectives
GEO-70224 MSc Internship Cultural Geography
GEO-79224 MSc Research Practice Cultural Geography
YMS-60312 Metropolitan Solutions
LAR-14803 Integrated Studio 1
GEO-80424 MSc Thesis Cultural Geography