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Projects - K (Kelly) Rijswijk MSc

Kelly's PhD is about the influence of digitalisation on the organisational identity of Knowledge Intensive Business Service (KIBS) providers in agriculture. Digital technologies, such as big data, internet of things, and virtual reality, are likely to disrupt the agricultural sector. Organisations that support innovation, such as knowledge providers, are likely to increasingly deal with these processes of digitalisation, subsequently having to adapt their practices, skills, and capabilities. Through case studies in New Zealand and the Netherlands, she aims to understand how agricultural KIBS in different contexts deal with digitalisation and what this means for their organisational identity, how they respond to digitalisation and innovate their services, and how this affects processes of co-innovation.

Kelly is also involved as a researcher in the DaVinc3i Community project, which focusses on virtusalisation of quality controlled logistics in the Dutch floricultural sector. Her role is to research and support sector level innovation through the development of learning communities.