dr. MAJ (Machiel) Lamers

dr. MAJ (Machiel) Lamers

Universitair hoofddocent

Machiel Lamers is an Associate Professor at the Environmental Policy Group of Wageningen University in the Netherlands. His research interests are in the fields of sustainable tourism, tourism and nature conservation, environmental policy, and science-policy interface. Contact me at: machiel.lamers(at)wur.nl.

Key publications:

Lamers, M., Pristupa, A., Amelung, B., Knol, M. (2016) The changing role of environmental information in Arctic marine governance. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 18, 49-55.

Lamers, M., Van der Duim, R., Van Wijk, J., Nthiga, R. (2014). Governing Conservation Tourism Partnerships in Kenya. Annals of Tourism Research 48: 250-265.

Lamers, M., Liggett, D. & Amelung, B. (2012). Strategic challenges of tourism development and governance in Antarctica: taking stock and moving forward. Polar Research 18: 13.

Hegger, D., Lamers, M., Van Zeijl-Rozema, A. & Dieperink, C. (2012). Conceptualising knowledge co-production in climate change adaptation projects: success conditions and levers for action. Environmental Science & Policy 18: 52-65.

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