Evaluation of the use of fresh water by four Egyptian farms applying integrated aquaculture – agriculture

Heijden, P.G.M. van der; Nasr-Alla, A.; Kenawy, D.; El-Naggar, G.; Beveridge, M.


This report describes a study done in 2010 by researchers of the WorldFish Center on water use in Egyptian farms that apply aquaculture – agriculture integration. Two of the four farms that were monitored derived the main income from farming and selling fish, the two other farms were mainly agricultural farms that used reservoirs that were built to store irrigation water for growing fish. The volume of water in which fish were raised from fingerling to market size and that was subsequently used to irrigate agriculture crops was estimated. The water quality was monitored, the quantity and value of the fish and the value of the agricultural crop were determined. Estimates were made of the amount of fertilizer that was saved by growing fish in irrigation water. Report number CDI-12-005.