People's Involvement in Residential PV and their Experiences

Mierlo, Barbara Van


This chapter takes stock of the current knowledge and understanding of people's involvement in and experiences of photovoltaics (PVs), which is important for the design of PV systems as well as wise market introduction and support. It also takes an interest in everybody who is not professionally involved, as a 'prosumer', an active citizen or a gadget hunter, and more. Suggestions are provided on how to engage in a more effective learning process to improve further socio‐technological development. People who own a single house can individually purchase a PV system to be mounted on or integrated into their rooftops or facades if the physical conditions and their financial resources allow it. In this role they are most frequently addressed in PV campaigns and policy. People living in an apartment or rental house are confined to becoming involved in collective initiatives or buying a small add‐on system.