The NanoDefiner e-tool - A decision support framework for recommendation of suitable measurement techniques for the assessment of potential nanomaterials

Brungel, Raphael; Ruckert, Johannes; Wohlleben, Wendel; Babick, Frank; Ghanem, Antoine; Gaillard, Claire; Mech, Agnieszka; Rauscher, Hubert; Weigel, Stefan; Friedrich, Christoph M.


In this paper the NanoDefiner e-tool for classification of potential nanomaterial, according to the European Commission's definition, is introduced. Its knowledge base enables rule-based multi-criteria decision making on recommendation of suitable measurement techniques for a specific material. Its rule base was established with help of experts from industry and academia via literature analysis and lab experiments. Beside its potential to support material classification, its capability to facilitate suitability testing of measurement techniques for materials by manufacturers is outlined.