Animal Nutrition Group

We generate and transfer knowledge of the nutrition of animals to improve their production, health and welfare in a sustainable manner and improve the quality of life.

Our research

The Animal Nutrition (ANU) Group is one of the chair groups of the Department of Animal Sciences of Wageningen University & Research. In addition, ANU is the founding member of the Centre for Animal Nutrition; a collaboration between three internationally recognized animal nutrition groups in the Netherlands. The Centre develops fundamental and application-oriented expertise in animal nutrition and ensures the exchange and transfer of this expertise to government agencies, businesses, the primary animal nutrition sectors, societal institutions, NGOs and students.

Our research is focussed around the following areas:

  • Resource efficiency
  • Animal health, longevity and vitality
  • Feed and pet food technology & quality
  • Animal welfare
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Environmental issues related to animal nutrition
  • Modelling of nutritional processes

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