MSc Thesis and internship of Aquatic Ecology and Water Management Group

Welcome in the exiting world of Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality! Here you will find valuable information for a thesis or internship with respect to prerequisites, intake procedure, registration, supervision and facilities, but also on writing and the grading procedure.


To do a MSc Thesis or Internship, the student must have admittance to a MSc program. Prerequisites for doing a Thesis at AEW depend on the size of the thesis: for a thesis with 24, 27 or 30 credits at least one of the courses from table 1 should be successfully completed and for a thesis with 33, 36 or 39 credits at least two courses. No courses are obligatory for an Internship.

Courses that can be followed before a MSc thesis at AEW can be done (for a thesis of 24-30 credits select at least one course, for a thesis of 33-39 credits select at least two):

Note: always check with the requirements of your MSc program and in case
you doubt, contact your study advisor.

Intake procedure

When you decide to do a thesis or internship at AEW note that it might take time to get everything arranged. Therefore, make sure that you plan your first contact with the chairgroup well ahead (at least a few months before the actual start). Within the chairgroup 3 contact persons are responsible for the intake meetings. Depending on your interest you may contact:

Appointments for an intake meeting can be made by e-mail. During the intake meeting you will be informed about main research themes at AEW. You can express your interest in one or several possibilities and for the time period that you want to carry out your thesis or internship. In case you decide for a certain topic, an appropriate supervisor will be selected. Thereafter you will mainly deal with your supervisor.

A thesis can be done within the AEW team, but there are also possibilities to perform your thesis elsewhere, however, only after agreement of AEW. The search for a thesis topic outside AEW is the responsibility of the student. Possible host institutes will be evaluated and assessed by the contact person before agreement is given. Internships are always done outside Wageningen University and it is the student’s responsibility to find an appropriate institute or organization to perform the internship. In co-operation with the contact person a final decision will be made.

Before you start

Once a topic is chosen and a supervisor selected, the first thing to do is to inititiate the administrative procedure on OSIRIS. Click here for an explanation how to start this up. In co-operation with your AEW-supervisor you fill in the form on OSIRIS with commitments regarding the thesis/internship work, supervision, evaluation and working plan. For an internship an additional Internship contract with the host organization is needed.

In case you do your thesis at AEW your supervisor will arrange a working place for you and will introduce you to the members of the AEW-team.

Further information

More details about the thesis or internship are found here: