BSc thesis Forest Ecology and Forest Management

Our professors and lecturers act as supervisors for individual BSc-theses within the study programs Bachelor Biology (BBI) and Bachelor Forest and Nature Conservation (BBN). Who will supervise your thesis mainly depends on the topic you choose. The thesis can be written in English or in Dutch.

For more detailed information on doing your BSc thesis: see links at bottom of page or contact your thesis coordinator.

How to choose an interesting subject?

BSc thesis topics FEM

  • Forensic tracing of tropical timber (Pieter Zuidema)
  • De toekomst van de zomereik (Quercus robur) in het Nederlandse bos. (Jan den Ouden)
  • Het verleden van de zomereik (Quercus robur) in het Nederlandse bos. (Jan den Ouden)
  • Dendrochronologisch onderzoek naar groei  en concurrentie bij Douglas. (Jan den Ouden &  Ute Sass-Klaassen)
  • Reviewing the annual character of tree rings in commercial  tree species of South-east Asia (Ute Sass-Klaassen, Pieter Zuidema)
  • The ecology of wood anatomy: a multi-species comparison. (Frank Sterck)
  • Restoratie van droge bossen, Afrika. (Frans Bongers)
  • Ecology, production and management of Sugar Maple (Frans Bongers)
  • Ecology, production and management of natural Rubber (Frans Bongers)
  • Ecology, production and management of Dammar (Frans Bongers)
  • Potential uses of secondary forest species in Chiapas, Mexico: An ethnobotanical literature study. (Frans Bongers)
  • Litter fall and primary production during secondary succession in tropical forest (Frans Bongers)
  • A comparison of secundary succession in dry and wet tropical forests. (Frans Bongers)
  • Shade tolerance and light dependence of (tropical) trees: What parameters should be used? (Frans Bongers & Lourens Poorter)
  • Gap dynamics in tropical forest: a quantitative analysis (Frans Bongers & Lourens Poorter)
  • Size structure of temperate and tropical communities; how do small and large species coexist? (Lourens Poorter)
  • Rotting competition! Comparing decomposition patterns of 25 wood species in 2 Dutch forests (Ute Sass-Klaassen & ShanShan Yang)