MSc thesis Forest Ecology and Forest Management

Welcome to the exciting world of Forest Ecology and Forest Management! We have a wide range of thesis projects ranging from fundamental to applied, where you can study from the plant- to the ecosystem level, in the temperate and tropical zone, by doing field studies, experiments, lab studies, or modelling.

How to choose an interesting subject?

  • Search our FEM THESIS DATABASE by topic, by region or by supervisor
  • For more inspiration check our list of current Staff and Phd research projects or our lists of Completed MSc theses. Contact the researcher or supervisor to find out what possibilities there are for you.
  • You can also come up with your own project ideas, or do your research, via us, with another research institute in the world. Contact our thesis coordinator

Before starting any thesis activities..

  • Check with the study advisor of your study programme whether you can start a thesis project.
  • Look at the Guidelines for preparing an MSc-thesis (PDF) or information on procedures and guidelines
  • Make an appointment with our thesis coordinator.

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