About the Soil Science cluster

About the Soil Science cluster

Research lines

The Soil Science cluster (SSc) has identified five main Research Lines through which to accomplish our mission. These Research Lines are the result of a Soil Science cluster-wide participatory process involving staff members and PhD students. Research lines leaders meet to discuss the direction and development of the research lines, and think collectively about new opportunities for their further development.  

Within each of these Research Lines, a range of research topics have been prioritised, which are regularly reviewed and will evolve as needed and as opportunities arise. Research Lines have active working groups where all involved and interested staff, including PhDs and postdocs, are invited. Research Lines Working groups regularly meet and organise a variety of activities, dealing with a variety of topics, from research to outreach. In these meetings, new ideas opportunities for a wider collaboration within the cluster are explored.

Soil Science cluster coordinator

The cluster has appointed a coordinator since 2020 which will help with organisation and content development. This is Giulia Bongiorno, working as a postdoc in the Soil Biology Group.


The Soil Science cluster is composed of four collaborating chair groups:

Soil Biology Group Soil Geography and Landscape Group Soil Physics and Land Management Group Soil Chemistry and Chemical Soil Quality
Four collaborating chair groups (click images to visit their webpages) Four collaborating chair groups (click images to visit their webpages)

Leadership and direction of the Soil Science cluster is driven by two teams: the Soil Science cluster Chairholders and the Research Line leaders. The Chairholders discuss opportunities for collaboration across the chair groups, including education, and provide oversight in management of the cluster and the research lines.

The Soil Science cluster is part of the WIMEK graduate school and the PE&RC graduate school.