HPP courses for WUR students

The Horticulture and Product Physiology (HPP) group is involved in teaching several BSc and MSc courses at Wageningen University. Additionally, WUR students can do a thesis, internship or research practice in our group.

Visit the Study Handbook for more detailed information on the courses provided by HPP.

Course code Course name
HPP-31806 Advanced Methods for Plant-Climate Research in Controlled Environments
HPP-22803 Concepts in Environmental Plant Physiology
HPP-23806 Crops, Physiology and Environment
HPP-20306 Physiology and Development of Plants in Horticulture
HPP-30806 Postharvest Physiology
HPP-31306 Product Quality Measurements & Analysis
HPP-21306 Quantitative Aspects of Crop Production
FTE-31306 Greenhouse Technology
CSA-30806 Research Methods in Crop Science
NEM-10306 Introduction Plant Sciences
YMC-60809 Academic Consultancy Training
YWU-60312 Research Master Cluster

In addition, HPP is involved in the BSc Honours Programme at WUR and the course Geïntegreerd practicum natuurwetenschappen at the Open Universiteit.