BMO plays a pivotal role in the Bachelor programme Business, Consumer and Competence studies (BBC) and the Master programme Management, Governance and Economics (MME). BMO and the chair group Education and Learning Sciences (ELS) are also the founding fathers of the entrepreneurship minor and the entrepreneurship master track that are open for all students of Wageningen University.

BMO houses the only scientific master specialisation in Facility Management in the Netherlands. BMO also contributes to a number of Master programmes in the technical departments, such as the Master of Food Quality Management (MFQ), Food, Innovation and Management (FIM) and programmes in the environmental education programme. Many of these master students write a second master thesis at BMO. In total, on average 60 master students finish their master thesis and/or their academic internship at BMO each year.

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Course Overview

  • MST-21306 Advanced Management and Marketing
  • MST-23406 New Venture Creation: from Idea to Business Plan
  • MST-23806 Introduction to Management and Life Sciences
  • MST-24306 Management and Marketing
  • MST-24806 Supply Chain Management
  • MST-25306 Management and Innovation in the Health Sector
  • MST-30306 Technology, Innovation and Strategy
  • MST-31306 Advanced Business Research
  • MST-31806 Facility Management Innovation
  • MST-32306 Strategic Change Management and Innovation
  • MST-32806 Management and Economics of Health Care and Public Health
  • MST-33806 Circular Economy: Theory and Practice
  • MST-34806 Biobased Business
  • MST-51306 Economics of Science and Technology
  • MST-52806 Evidence-Based Facility Management
  • MST-53806 Business and Society
  • MST-54306 Business & Innovation Ethics
  • MST-55306 Principles of Entrepreneurship
    • MST-55806 Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies