Objective product & process quality

Delivering the highest quality, sustainably and cost-efficiently, is the driving force for agrifood companies around the world. Wageningen University & Research gives every stakeholder detailed and objective insights into product quality and helps optimise production and process performance across the entire agrifood supply chain.

How to increase the shelf life of fresh vegetables and fruits? Or ensure rapid, objective and reliable quality control across the chain? Deliver on demand without loss or waste? These are challenging questions, facing agrifood companies across the entire production chain, from grower to retailer. Wageningen experts support their clients by developing smart systems and software for fast, accurate and reliable quality assessment and prediction. They enable fact-based, flexible, automated and sustainable handling, processing, sorting and packing of food products.

Our solution provides:

  • camera-based, non-destructive measurement and sorting of fruit ripeness
  • camera-based measurement and sorting of internal and external defective fruit and vegetables
  • camera-based, objective, colour assessment and sorting of a wide range of agrifood and food products including fresh produce, bakery, confectionery, meals, meat, soups and beverages.

Maximum product quality

Wageningen University & Research helps companies improve process performance and product quality, increasing market value and reducing labour costs and waste.

We combine many years of knowledge and experience in developing and applying practical technologies in the areas of post-harvest, robotics, sensors, fresh produce and supply chains. By connecting fundamental and applied research, we develop innovative and creative solutions that can strengthen the market position of our agrifood clients. Solutions range from rapid and non-invasive measurement of the inside and outside quality of tomatoes and avocados, to advanced robotics that oversee livestock welfare.

From research to software prototype

We offer you research, advice, prototype development (hardware + software) in these areas:

  • Wide spectrum computer vision (X-Ray, Terahertz, NIR, visible), high-speed 2D & 3D
  • Pre- and postharvest physiology
  • Food informatics (data science and artificial intelligence)
  • Supply-chain management solutions
  • Agrifood Robotics: smart use of robots in quality control and product handling, processing, sorting and packing
  • Packaging technology and materials
  • 3D food printing
  • Quality preservation & smart food processing technology
  • Consumer needs and behaviour

From rapid sorting to advanced quality prediction

Wageningen experts have coordinated and successfully completed a variety of projects in the field of objective product and process quality. One project delivered an advanced high speed 3D-scanning machine, developed using our  Marvin® technology, that allows growers and processors to accurately scan up to about 50 tons of potatoes per hour individually including dimensions, colour and external defects. The application saves significant labour and provides a wealth of quality information of a complete batch. Another project, part of the GreenCHAINge programme (2016-2019), enables agrifood companies to predict the quality of strawberries, based on maturity at harvest. This helps them to take well-considered decisions around markets and transport.

More information

For more detailed and objective insights into product quality and process performance, contact our Business Developer to learn what we can do for you.