Healthy soils

Healthy soils

We are the knowledge partner for soil health by providing practical and widely applicable tools that help solving local problems, created by global soil threats, and as such we contribute to Sustainable Development Goals 2. Zero Hunger and 12. Resource Use Efficiency.

Healthy soils, what are they?

A soil that can fulfill its natural functions is what we call a healthy soil. Healthy soils:

  • guarantee good food production through natural and sustainable soil fertility;
  • protect groundwater as well as food crops against too high concentrations of soil pollutants and nutrients by optimally functioning as filter;
  • have good structure and thereby regulate the water management of both agricultural and urban areas;
  • are an important reservoir for carbon, and sequestrate CO2 in organic components useful to the soil;
  • support a rich and diverse soil life that sustainably maintains the abovementioned functions;
  • offer capacity and space for human activities such as building and energy storage.

In short, a healthy, naturally functioning soil and water system supplies us with a wide scala of functions that are at the basis of almost every societal transition.

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