SDG e-conference: Foodathon

As an integral part of the conference “Towards Zero Hunger: Partnerships for Impact”, a special e-conference is organized to get students and young professionals engaged with SDG 2 Zero Hunger. The SDG e-conference provides a digital platform through which youth worldwide can interact, exchange knowledge and create solutions to challenges related to Zero Hunger.

The main aim of the e-conference is to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice on the SDGs. By exchanging knowledge, sharing ideas and tackling global challenges related to Zero Hunger from different disciplinary angles, participants will gain both knowledge and practical experience in working on SDGs. This will contribute to transforming the complex image of the SDGs into a more comprehensive set of practical approaches related to daily practices. As such, participants create solutions for impact.


The Foodathon is the core part of the SDG e-conference, a 36-hour event on 30 to 31st August 2018, in which students and young professionals exchange knowledge, share experiences and work in teams of four to six members to create local solutions to global challenges of the Food Systems. As a distinctive feature, the Foodathon will not only take place in Wageningen, but will also be hosted online and made accessible to youth worldwide. Each team, online or in Wageningen, will be assigned and followed by a mentor that will guide them through the process. In addition, scientific experts will give input to the teams, so to enhance quality.

Teams are expected to present innovative, practical and outstanding idea in the Solutions Market at the end of the 36-hour period. The focus will lie on cooperation rather than competition. The Solution Market can be easily found online by potential partners with the aim of creating partnerships and kick-starting the most promising solutions. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance from Wageningen University & Research.

Food systems

The Foodathon will focus on the overarching theme “food systems”. For the Foodathon, food systems are defined as all processes related to production, transformation, distribution and consumption of food. Such definition is used as a basic point of departure. All these processes are necessary to produce specific products, services, incomes and at last, the access to food. It is important to consider each process and its unique challenges, as well as the complex interlinkages between different food systems processes. The social, political, cultural, technological, economic and environmental drivers that are behind these processes should also be considered.

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