BEE Committee (Brascamp Education Enhancement)

The Brascamp Education Enhancement Committee (BEE) is the most important education committee in the Student Council, which keeps track of all new developments and works on improving the education.

Some examples of topics that were dealt with in the past or are still dealt with within the BEE are listed beneath. Furthermore, we are always looking for new educational matters that can be improved!

Education evaluations

An important tool to improve education are the EvaSys course evaluations. We are involved in the process to improve these evaluations.

Study advisors

The Student Council has the idea that the expectations of students regarding their study advisor do not always match with reality. Together with the university, we are talking about evaluating the study advisors in a better way and about changing the approach of study advisors.

Numerus Fixus

The BEE committee was involved in the development of a good and fair selection procedure which will be used for the new Food and Health BSc students next year.

Education and Exam Regulations

Every year the BEE committee receives these regulations to check the changes. As an example, last year the proposal for evening exams was incorporated for our approval. After multiple conversations with the university, it appeared that evening exams were the only solution to the lack of facilities. The Student Council did think of many conditions which the university had to agree upon before we approved. This year, the implementation of the BSA will also be incorporated for our approval.

Quality of courses and working groups

The BEE committee believes that there’s a lack of quality in the current education system, because students with the wrong pre-requisite knowledge are following courses (BSc students who follow MSc courses, exchange students and beta students following gamma courses or the other way around). We are still working on this subject, trying to stress this topic by the university.

Thesis delay

A lot of study delay is caused during writing the BSc and MSc thesis. We are investigating whether different methods of supervising and other measures will assist in decreasing the delay.