Within the Student Council, although all are eager to preserve the high quality of education of Wageningen University & Research, specific ideologies are represented by the different independent members and/or parties in the Student Council.

CSF (Christian Student Fraction)

CSF is an initiative of united Christian students who want to be the critical voice in the Student Council. The core values of CSF are responsibility, equity, honesty, transparency and stewardship. Starting from those values CSF wants to stimulate personal development, improve quality of education and remain the social character of our small-scale university. In a growing university, CSF wants to emphasise the importance of small student associations and the support of students which encounter problems.  CSF believes in an university that not only contributes to the level of knowledge but also to academic and ethical skill development of her students.

Please contact us by email or visit our website for more information about CSF. 

CSF members 2017-2018

S&I (Sustainability and Internationalisation)

Sustainability & Internationalisation (S&I) was created by a group of students concerned about issues of sustainability and ways to build bridges among students, so as to strengthen the internationalisation of Wageningen University. We believe that all students should experience an equal amount of satisfaction and privileges during their stay in Wageningen.

S&I is also interested in increasing the environmental awareness of students in Wageningen, and is promoting this through a series of activities and projects. We are in regular contact with other sustainability organizations of Wageningen and are an active part of the collective GreenActive.

We keep close contact to all parts of the Wageningen community, inside and outside of the university, to ensure that the Wageningen community is and stays one community where everyone can feel welcome and home.

If you are interested in any topics aforementioned, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or find us on facebook.

S&I members 2017-2018
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VeSte (United Students)

VeSte Wageningen (United Students) is a Student Council party founded in 1997 by members of the Contractus associations, in order to keep the influence that disappeared with the introduction of the University Council. Nowadays VeSte has broadened her scope a little and looks after the interests of active students and aims to stimulate a broad academic development, both within and outside the university programs. Thus, VeSte works to ensure the maintenance and improvement of both qualitative education, as well as well-organised student facilities.VeSte is paying special attention to active students. Which means in its policy and approach VeSte will always take into account the possibility of students to develop themselves besides their studies.

More about VeSte can be found at VeSte's website or by email.

Veste members 2017-2018
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