Facilities and services

Facilities & Services is a professional service provider. It supports research and education at Wageningen University & Research by working with its clients to build a challenging and inspiring environment for current and future employees and students.

Real estate

Develops, manages and maintains Wageningen University & Research’s building stock with the objective of providing sustainable construction and accommodation solutions. Amongst other things, it fulfils Wageningen University & Research’s aim of concentrating all Wageningen activities on Wageningen Campus.

Information technology

Develops, manages and maintains Wageningen University & Research’s digital network, group applications and voice landscape (telephony) with the objective of location-independent and time-independent working. It works with clients and users to develop reliable, specific services and digital collaboration environments.

Wageningen University & Research - Library

Gathers, retrieves and manages scientific information in the areas of interest to Wageningen University & Research. Advises on publication strategy and research performance and provides instruction to develop information skills. Aims for optimum accessibility of information and knowledge in Wageningen and elsewhere through the digital library, the outlets of Wageningen University & Research Library and collaborative ventures such as the Green Knowledge Network.

Education facilities

Manages the teaching and practical rooms and provides technical support for teachers. Provides facilities management for the educational buildings, including the Forum and Orion buildings.

Operational services

Provides in-house services, such as facilities support for buildings, language teaching, sports facilities, document management and logistics and contracts suppliers for various other general and technical support services, such as cleaning, catering and printing facilities. Aims for efficient, client-focused performance.


Supports all purchasing processes of Wageningen University & Research. Aims for sustainable, cost-effective and reliable purchasing and facilitates a client-friendly and efficient ordering system. Purchasing is the first point of contact for suppliers.


Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are important pillars for Wageningen University & Research. Sustainable business operations are an important point of attention in this respect, and Facilities and Services plays a major role in this. Think, for example, of (co-)developing and shaping policy and implementation in the areas of Procurement, Energy, Material Flow Management, biodiversity and Mobility - WUR. In addition, Wageningen Campus is one of the most sustainable knowledge campuses in the world, for example through the use of thermal storage (WKO) for buildings on Wageningen Campus and the application of high sustainability criteria in building Construction, maintenance and renovation.