Chef's special: A taste of the collections

Chef’s Special: A taste of the collections is the new exhibition of Special Collections of WUR Library. It highlights six topics from the beautiful historical collections that coincide with a whole range of different tastes. The exhibition is on view until 30 September 2022, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm.

Organised by Library

Tue 12 April 2022 until Fri 30 September 2022

Venue Library Forum, building number 102

A Taste of the Collections

In Chef’s Special: A Taste of the Collections you can see a selection of the historical collections of Wageningen University & Research on topics that relate to it's research and education. In spring 2021, WUR Library appointed a new curator for Special Collections, Anneke Groen. Anneke’s special interests are natural history, science and art, particularly from the nineteenth century. Anneke organised the exhibition together with the Special Collections team. Each team member chose her favourite topic. This resulted in a specialized and varied menu.

  • Shifting Baseline Syndrome. If we don't have information about past environmental conditions, current generations cannot perceive how much their environment has changed over the years. They are comparing it to their own baseline and not to historical baselines. The theme is illustrated with examples from ornithology.
  • The Vroom Family: Five Generations of Garden and Landscape Architects.
  • The History of Agricultural Engineering.
  • Farm Animals. Focusing on horses, cows and chicken.
  • Apples: From Sprenger to Compote. The apple takes centre stage in this selection, from the best way to pollinate a fruit tree to the tastiest apple recipes. The selection also offers an apple cookie recipe from 1752.
  • Botanical Art for Science. Drawings from WUR used for education and research.
Godwit. From: Nederlandsche Vogelen / C. Nozeman (1770-1829)
Godwit. From: Nederlandsche Vogelen / C. Nozeman (1770-1829)