‘Stocked shrimp in tomato sauce’

WIAS magazine - Fall edition 2021
Student lifestyle



When the WIAS magazine asked me to write a piece for the student lifestyle section, I thought it might be a good possibility to share a great shrimp recipe. It will take you about 25 minutes and as ingredients (~4 persons) you only need:

  • Fresh shrimp with head         - 800 g
  • Garlic                                   - 2 toes
  • Cherry tomatoes                   - 250 g
  • Smashed tomatoes                - 1 can
  • White wine                              
  • Lime or lemon                       - ¼ to ½
  • Parsley                                  - 40 g
  • Sugar                                    - 2 tsp
  • Salt and pepper        
  • Noodles                                - 750 g

Step 1


Add quartered cherry tomatoes and the small-pieced garlic into the pan with olive oil and fry it until the cherry tomatoes are melted. This gives you quite a good basic sauce which you can use for a lot of other dishes as well.

Step 2


You can now add the can of smashed tomatoes, the white wine and the ¼ to ½ lime/lemon. In my opinion, it is always nice to add some sweetness to tomato-based sauces (especially in combination with the lime/lemon), to get a nice acid-sweet interaction. Therefore, add 2 tsp (small spoon) sugar and round it up with salt and pepper.

Step 3


Now, the time is there to stock the shrimp (prior to stocking: peel them and remove the gut, however, do not remove the head as it adds a lot of flavour). Release them into the sauce and let them swim for 10-15 minutes (in the meantime you can cook the noodles). To finish your dish, add the parsley to the pan.

Enjoy your meal!


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