Eugène – MSc Biotechnology – Intern Unilever– September 2021

My name is Eugène and I am a master student Biotechnology. At the moment I am finishing my master thesis at the Laboratory of Microbiology. In September I am going to start my internship at the Vegetarian Butcher (Unilever).  

Before I started applying to companies I thought it could be useful to get some personal help with the application processes. Therefore, I asked if the people of the WUR Student Career Service could give me advice on how to write my CV and motivation letter but also for tips for a job interview. They were happy to help me and gave me very clear and concise advice on how to improve my writing and how to prepare for a job interview.

For students that are searching at the moment for an internship/job I would advice to send application letters to multiple companies even if you do not know for sure if you want to start there. It is a good experience to have to write more letters and to have more interviews. Also, I used LinkedIn and Indeed to search for job opportunities.

I would really recommend students to plan a meeting with someone from the career service, as they are very willing to help and you can get personal advice applied to you!