Thesis subject

Integrative approaches of well-being

In order to promote health or well-being effectively, it is increasingly recognized that interventions should not focus on only one domain (for example physical health), but on more domains (for example social domain and physical health). To illustrate: to aim for smoking cessation is incredibly difficult, when people are experiencing stress from life events (e.g. divorce, unemployment, etc.) they are currently going through. In that case, to quit smoking is simply not their top priority. It is deemed more effective to help people with their (financial, social, family) problems, reduce stress and then aim for smoking cessation.

It seems however from ongoing studies, that the actual integration (and often collaboration) of multiple domains is difficult. To gain insight in what barriers and facilitators could play a role in the implementation process of integrative approaches, and what (successful) integrative approaches currently exist, a literature review would be very helpful. With your BSc thesis on this topic, you can contribute to getting this overview.
Possible research questions are:

  • What frameworks, theories and models for integrated approaches of well-being currently exist?
  • What are (successful) integrative interventions for well-being currently exist?
  • What are barriers and facilitators in the implementation process of integrative approaches for well-being?