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Wageningen Writing Lab

Do you need to work on a writing assignment for your studies? Schedule a free appointment with a writing coach from the Wageningen Writing Lab!

How to make an appointment?
You can register for a coaching session with this application form. You can generally visit us within 3-4 business days.

How much does it cost?
Nothing. This service is free of charge.

With which questions?
You are welcome with any writing question. Such as:
- You need help to define your research topic more precisly.
- You doubt if the structure of your text flows logically.
- You want to improve your academic writing style.
- You need help meeting a deadline.
- You need help incorporating the lecturer’s feedback.
- You have got stuck and don’t know how to start writing again.

The session can take place either online or at the Writing Lab (Forum). You can indicate your preference in the application form.

How often?
A session lasts for 45 minutes. For each writing assignment, you are allowed to have 5 appointments (even 10 for BSc and MSc theses).

You can visit us at any stage of your writing process, whether you're just getting started or already making progress.

With whom?

Your writing coach is also a student at Wageningen University. This peer coaching results in an equal and accesible interaction.

    First reactions of students 

    I really enjoyed the session. I will surely put what I learned into my current writing.
    Bsc Student Animal Sciences
    I have valued the session, even though I am now in my second MSc year. So, think how much better I could have been now had this service been available in my first year!
    Msc Student Biology
    You have really given me a new view on things. Now I feel I can really proceed!
    Msc Student Plant Sciences