Thesis subject

Business Information Analytics for Supply Chain Management (MSc/BSc)

Managers and decision-makers need up-to-date business intelligence, visualized in dashboards, to be able to respond adequately to potential problems, plan and strategize, and capture new marketing opportunities. In the scope of business information systems, vast amounts and types of data are stored and exchanged between both organizations and between supply chain partners. Business information analytics explores the potential of data using, for instance, statistical and machine learning approaches, to acquire useful insights and support decision-making.

Short description

In this thesis, we would like to design and execute a case study for a business information analytics problem in the scope of supply chains. This involves analyzing the supply chain of a product and the underlying business process, mapping it into an information system pipeline for collecting data, analyzing it, and visualizing the results in a dashboard. An example would be to analyze, compare (and optimize if applicable) the supply chain processes of a cut vegetable package at a supermarket.

We are planning to use a combination of basic tools such as Excel, with potentially more powerful ones such as Power BI and the rest of the Microsoft technology stack (e.g. Azure).


    • Analyze the supply chain for the given product and model the underlying business process
    • Design an information system and analytics pipeline for the supply chain
    • Produce various types of analytics results to help decision-making for the supply chain
    • Visualize the analytics results in a dashboard


      The work in this thesis entails:

      • Design and execute a case study for a business information analytics problem
      • Collect, pre-process and integrate data for the case study
      • Build a prototype tool using the Microsoft technology stack



      • Courses: -
      • Required skills/knowledge: No formal requirements, but domain knowledge about supply chains, and technical knowledge about information systems and data analytics is useful. We expect the student to acquire skills in using the Microsoft Technology Stack during the thesis.

        Key words: data analytics, process model, business science, information systems

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