Thesis subject

Freedom farming

Our perception of farming is biased by a focus on markets, labour efficiency and economies of scale. Farmers all over the world are told they have no choice other than to sell more, be efficient and to increase their business.

These conditions are increasingly questioned and criticized. But how does the alternative farming model look like? What are essential on-farm interactions to sustain a farm as an agro-ecological and social unit  that offers farmers choices on how to grow food and make a living? What linkages with the wider society and economy reduce or increase choices about selling or self-consumption, growth or de-growth, innovation or conservation?

Practical information

Starting date: Flexible
Preferred language: English/Dutch
Location/country: Country of choice
Supervisor: Harro Maat

This study could be taken up by students in MID, MDR, and MOA.

About the project

Research question: What are key linkages and interactions that increase farmers’ choices?

Research activities include a qualitative analysis and a technography of food, farm and forest in an area of choice.