Thesis subject

MSc thesis: Understanding notions of meat/plant-consumption in popular discourse on food cultures and practices

Would you like to contribute to research about the protein transition and reduction of meat consumption? Are you interested in topics related to cultural heritage, food cultures, traditions, identities, and emotions? Do you ever question what’s behind discourse (text and talk) of popular media, such as documentaries, television programs, or newspapers? Then we have a nice opportunity to conduct your Master’s thesis research.

The thesis entails a discourse analysis of popular media that write or broadcast about food cultures. Think of documentaries such as Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’ and the Netflix documentary ‘Chef’s table’, or articles and blogs about food heritage and traditional social practices, such as barbecuing. The thesis employs mainly desk research and a critical discourse analysis; however, if you like, you may combine this with other qualitative research methods (e.g., interviewing, focus groups).  

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