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MSc Track Entrepreneurship

How about the entrepreneur (or intrapreneur) in you? Opportunity identification? Entrepreneurial self-efficacy? Getting out of the building? Put your knowledge into action, valorise your ideas, develop an entrepreneurial mind-set, and try to make a difference. Explore and develop “entrepreneurialism” for creating new products, services or processes, and/or stimulating entrepreneurship within existing organizations. Release the entrepreneurial spirit from the bottle by embedding the MSc Track Entrepreneurship into your MSc program.

Strengthening entrepreneurship in your Wageningen MSc study program

The Master Track Entrepreneurship is a comprehensive program focusing on innovative, sustainable entrepreneurship within the Wageningen domains (i.e. food and food production, living environment, health, lifestyle and livelihood). Theory and practice will be combined in interactive and thought provoking education. The program provides you with the opportunity to increase collaboration with entrepreneurial-minded stakeholders in and outside the university. Think of StartLifeClimate KIC and various individual companies and organizations in and outside the Food Valley region. Your scientific background from your study program and the knowledge and skills learned in the entrepreneurship track make you a future proof professional!

Track Programme

The track programme consists of three building blocks:

  1. A minimum of two entrepreneurial courses (6 ECTS each);
  2. Entrepreneurial ACT (9 ECTS) combined with ELS-66700 (3 ECTS);
  3. An entrepreneurial internship (min 24 ECTS).

Building block 1

In building block 1, you follow a minimum of two entrepreneurial courses (6 ECTS each) from the schedule below. Assumed knowledge for starting the track is the course BMO-22706 Principles of Entrepreneurship or other (extracurricular) courses teaching the basics of entrepreneurship. See SSC for course information and registration.

Schedule Academic Year 2023-2024
Course code Course name Period
1 BEC-52306 Financial and Business Management P1
2 BMO-55806 Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies P1
3 BMO-33806 Entrepreneurship in the Circular Economy P2
4 ELS-51306 Intrapreneurship: Impacting existing organizations P4
5 BMO-23406 New Venture Creation: from idea to reality P5
6 BMO-56806 Business Cases Agri-Food Entrepreneurship P5
7 ELS-59206 Responsible Learning Organization for Sustainability P6

Building block 2

In building block 2, you follow Entrepreneurial ACT (9 ECTS), combined with the course ELS-66700 (3 ECTS). In this so-called E-ACT you will work in an interdisciplinary group on an entrepreneurial project with a real-life case and case-owner. The course ELS-66700 Pursuing and Realising Entrepreneurial Projects (PREP), helps you to integrate the entrepreneurial toolset into your E-ACT project. For Entrepreneurship labelled ACT projects in combination with ELS-66700 PREP, check ACT Registration.

Building block 3

In building block 3, you combine your program specific internship (min 24 ECTS) with an entrepreneurial mind-set and angle. The entrepreneurial internship can either focus on 1) an entrepreneurial project within an existing organization or 2) an entrepreneurial project adjacent to the emergence of a new business, possibly your own start-up trajectory. For more information: contact your study advisor and/or During the entrepreneurial internship, you are part of the entrepreneurship internship ring, where you can discuss your progress and challenges with your peers.

Starthub: extra-curricular learning opportunities

We work closely together with the Starthub in order to give you the best possible entrepreneurial package the WUR has to offer. If you have been thinking about your own idea or really want to work hands-on within an existing project, the Ideation workshop program at the Starthub is a nice addition to the Master track. In addition, all our meet-ups, drinks, internship ring meetings and some in-class activities will take place at Starthub as it is the meeting place for entrepreneurial-minded students and young professionals at the WUR.

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Requirements and registration

An introduction meeting is required before starting the Entrepreneurship track. Before the introduction meeting, you will submit three documents on which admission will be based:

  1. Motivation letter: please include at least three specific learning goals in your motivation letter and a rough planning of your entrepreneurship track (when do you plan on doing which course, E-ACT and internship). If you already have some entrepreneurial ideas, please mention them as well. If not, just elaborate on why you want to participate in the entrepreneurship track.
  2. CV: an overview of your track record, based on educational and work experience.
  3. Letter of recommendation: ask somebody who knows you (former employer, internship supervisor, co-worker, study advisor, etc.) to write a short letter on why he or she thinks you are a good fit for the entrepreneurship track.

You can send all three documents to An introduction meeting will be scheduled after these documents have been sent. This introduction meeting will take place at the Starthub and serves as a foundation for assessing what your needs are and how we can plan the entrepreneurship trajectory around this.

After approval, you can register for the subsequent components of the Entrepreneurship track. Your progress will be monitored through mid-term progress reviews and social meet-ups throughout the year. You should pass all three building blocks according to the assessment requirements for the individual courses. After finalizing the complete track, you will receive a supplementary certificate next to your MSc diploma, signed by the Dean of Education.